Carrier Transicold of Detroit Celebrates 50th Anniversary!

Carrier Transicold of Detroit spent an evening with family, food, and fun to celebrate their 50th anniversary and to highlight the company’s achievements in the past years. Thank you to all of the customers and guests that showed up to the event.

CEO, Mark Sparkman, his father and former CEO, Earl Sparkman, and Earl’s brother and original founder, John Sparkman, have led the company in its success for decades.  Each has served the company in developing Carrier Transicold of Detroit into what it is today in many different departments and various ways.

In addition, many of Carrier Transicold’s loyal customers attended and were recognized at the 50th anniversary, as the company is honored to serve each and every customer. The company extends their appreciation to all the customers that attended and is proud to provide service for them now and in the future.

From left to right: John, Mark, and Earl Sparkman.
From left to right: John, Mark, and Earl Sparkman.

Thank you to our customers!

Family & Friends Having Fun